Your WordPress Website

by Jordanne Co.

Your WordPress Website Handover

STEP 1: Accept the change of site admin email 

STEP 2: Use your user log in to check access to your site

STEP 3: Set up backups with Updraft (demo in above video) 
This step is not required if you are on a Jordanne Co. hosting or maintenance plan.

STEP 4: Read and Save your Website Owner’s Manual

STEP 5: Watch Training Videos (below)

Training Videos

Head over to the Maeve Website Template Course and click “Login” and then “Register” to create your free account. You’ll then have access to ALL the WordPress and Elementor video tutorials you’ll need to customise and maintain your website. 

In this video (10 mins) I’ll show you how to keep your site up-to-date (plugins, WordPress, themes) which will keep your site secure, working (very important!) and running at optimum performance.

*Maintenance required monthly (minimum).

In this video (14 mins) I’ll take you through the WordPress dashboard – just the parts you need to know so you don’t feel overwhelmed that first time you log into your new website.

This (40 minute) video is an intro to all things Elementor. Want to update your copy, swap out images, create new sections or pages? Here’s your how-to!

Maintenance Packages

Keep your website: secure, running smoothly, and up-to-date.

I can’t stress enough how important it is to perform your monthly (or weekly) site maintenence. If tech or time are not your friends, no problem – I got you. You can check out my care plans via the link below and I’ll take care of it all for you.

Want a free hour of work on your site?

If you love your site and enjoyed working with me, I’d love you to keep me in mind and refer me to anyone you know that I could help.

The best part? For every referral you make, you’ll get an hour of my time to use how you please. How you might like to use that time:

+ Website Content Updates
+ Website Design Updates
+ Website Maintenance
+ An hour on the phone to pick my brain



It really is my dream come true to be able to work with you and play a small part in you growing your business. So thank you for supporting my business and allowing me to live out my dream.

If you have any questions or need help with anything else, don’t ever hesitate to get in touch!

Jordanne x