Emotionally nurturing you to bloom through your difficult pregnancy

From Overwhelmed to Nurtured

Let's conquer the challenges of pregnancy together!

I know how you feel because I’ve been in your shoes. The journey of pregnancy can be overwhelming and full of unexpected challenges. But with the right support, you can find the confidence, determination, and inner peace you need to overcome any challenge. 

That’s why I’m here – to inspire you, uplift you, and guide you through this journey.

Here’s what you can expect working with me:

Hello Mumma!

At Nurtured to Bloom, I'm passionate about helping women like you tap into their inner strength and power.

Whether you’re facing a high-risk pregnancy, or struggling with emotional turmoil, I’m here for you. Together, we’ll work to light up your inner fire and help you bloom through even the toughest of times.

I work with women from the Australian Multiple Birth Association who experience pregnancy complications and navigate NICU journeys. I collaborate with a number of obstetricians in Melbourne who are specialised in high risk pregnancies. I am also a volunteer at the maternity unit of St Vincent’s Private Hospital. I am currently completing a Counselling diploma.

I’m here to provide you with the emotional support and nurturing you need to move forward with confidence and grace. Together, we’ll create a safe, welcoming space where vulnerability is embraced, and all of your emotions are acknowledge and honoured


Nurturing you

Let's help you bloom through your difficult pregnancy

I help my clients increase their inner peace, confidence, and determination, while reducing anxiety and stress. If you need a safe, understanding and nurturing space to allow you to bloom through your difficult pregnancy, I’d love to support and guide you. 

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